Alexandra Dean
Accounts Manager

One of the first photographers in the Xcite™ company. Alexandra has a professional business mind and has helped Gordon (CEO) launch Xcite Advertising Pty Ltd Australia. Alexandra is the director  leading the way with Xcite™

Age: 30
Experience: 10 years
Specialization: Photography and Marketing

  • 1300 789 737
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About Me

Hi im Alexandra and Xcite™ would love to manage your online dealership photography with you. Our Professional Team are a talented group of photographers who know the process of your dealership and they can greatly enhance your online marketing. As a family owned business we understand how important your Online Dealership Store is and our photographers make sure all of your vehicles are photographed correctly and uploaded on the same day.

In our spare time we are really into cars and enjoy racing them on the track. We also watch and keep up to date with every Formula 1 race. 

I hope to meet you one day soon.



Intelligent, Honest, Reliable and Professional.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Light Room,


ZOHO Software

Xcite DATA


Track Driver, Xcite Team Racing, AOE 4 Pro, 8 BIT Pro

Management 90%
Analytics 75%
Consultation 53%
Photography 85%
Accounts 98%
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