CHICAGOFeb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Xcite Automotive has announced new ways of serving its clients through the acquisition of Denver, CO. based Car Studio Pros, an online auto show-room equipped with state of the art photo studios and software. The acquisition will allow Xcite Automotive to expand on its dealership merchandising services that currently include high quality digital automotive photography, 360 spins, and videos.

“This acquisition gives us the platform required to offer our clients a competitive edge in this rapidly changing environment. Our strategy is to enhance the car buying journey for our clients by investing in new technologies, services, and teams as we expand our footprint across North America,” said Xcite Automotive CEO Phil Penton.

Car buyers today are looking for a more transparent and online-focused buying experience. Xcite Automotive provides auto dealers technology-driven merchandising solutions needed to excite and inspire customers. “High-quality content is key for our clients’ online sales and advertising. This acquisition allows us to deliver a new level of interactive, VIN specific content at high volumes,” said Phil Penton.

The vehicle photography studio features a rotating turntable floor, proprietary software, specialized cameras, and LED lighting. Designed for automotive use, Car Studio Pros has engineered the most durable, automated and capable studios on the market; delivering unmatched quality and consistency for dealers of any size. 

“We’re bringing solutions right to our clients’ doorsteps to help reinvent their customer journeys with the power of high-quality photos, 360 Spins, and Videos. Buyers can experience the full design and feel of a vehicle without ever setting foot in a showroom. It’s a cost-effective marketing strategy and represents the future,” said Xcite Automotive Chief Sales Officer, Skip Dowd.

360-degree tours and full-motion video make a car buyer feel as though they are “inside” the car and experiencing what it is like to sit behind the wheel. Combining Car Studio Pros capabilities with its pre-existing solutions, Xcite will have the capacity to execute fully experiential and omnichannel marketing for its clients.

“Xcite Automotive is best in class when it comes to inventory merchandising and managed solutions in the auto industry. From expanded web integrations to new financing and staffing options, our customers are excited by what this partnership represents for their businesses,” said Austin Timyan, Car Studio Pros, Executive Director.

Automotive dealers, OEMs, auto auctions, and rental car companies can see the photo studio at NADA in Las Vegas on February 15 – 17, booth number 6667N.

About Xcite

Xcite Automotive’s expertise in creating, managing, and syndicating a wide array of vehicle media, data, and physical merchandising content for retailers and their digital marketing partners nationwide has transformed it into one of the fastest-growing solution providers in the automotive industry.  Contributing to this growth is the company’s continued investments into new innovations designed to increase digital and on-the-lot engagement with car shoppers, improve the operational efficiencies of car retailers and remarketers, as well as to facilitate accurate and reliable transactions for dealers and OEMs.

About Car Studio Pros

With over 9 years in the car photography business, our professional Studios are the product of our experience, challenges and engineered solutions that have significantly raised the bar across the automotive sales landscape. We believe that our images stand alone, and we are dedicated to continuing our track record of innovation to help our partners differentiate themselves from the competition.


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  1. December 4, 2021 at 11:17 am
    Shane Rudd

    This looks really good. I can’t wait to see more videos about this Car Studio Booth.

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