The digital era has arrived, making it easier than ever for consumers to gather information, shop and compare at the click of a mouse. Market differentiation has never been more important. Car Studio Pros makes differentiating your inventory possible with a unique combination of state of the art technology, automotive industry expertise and cutting edge systems. Take your online showroom to the next level with Car Studio Pros.

Explore our studios and see what’s under the hood of the world’s most advanced automotive photography systems.


We build Pro Flash and Pro LED lighting systems specifically designed for the automotive industry. Because a car is virtually a large mirror, reflections and shadows frequently lead to cheap-looking photos. Simply pointing a light at a car is not an option.

Our systems use diffusion fabrics and light shaping techniques that accurately produce the lines and features of any size or color vehicle. More importantly, both systems require minimal maintenance and are designed for demanding commercial applications. Our Pro LED Studios feature enhanced DMX Lighting for precise control over different areas of the light tent and offer 256 levels of brightness in each light zone.


Professional grade, full frame DSLR cameras are the backbone of all of our studios. Phone cameras are great for instagram, but for reliability, adjustability, and top-level image quality, nothing comes close to a purpose-built professional cameras.



With 95% of car shopping starting online, you can’t afford to make a bad first impression. We have the solutions to build you the best online showroom possible. Contact us today to review your current setup and get a tailored quote.

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We set out to design and build the world’s best automotive photography system. Our Photo Studios stand alone, delivering show-stopping inventory photos and video while seamlessly integrating with your existing inventory management systems.

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Weight 2500 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 9000 × 3500 cm


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