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Per Vehicle Pricing $150 

We know how to photograph a car at a reasonable price. With over 10 years experience of photography in the dealership industry.


Terms and Conditions for the Photography and Video Service

1.1    All cars must be cleaned and ready ( easily accessible) to photograph for the photographer.

1.2    The Owner must have the “Key” ready for the photographer.

1.3   Owners must send a valid email to the Photographer.(Photographers cannot upload a vehicle before it is added.)

1.4    The photographer will need a shoot location opened and ready on the day of the shoot before arriving to avoid any complications.

1.5    If the owner is not ready for the photography shoot within 15 mins, the photographer will notify the owner and if the owner is not available then he will send a “ owner not available “ email or sms.

1.6    Quality of vehicle photographed on the day of shoot is determined upon the weather, location, condition of the vehicle or other undetermined factors that can cause the photos to be unacceptable.  

1.7  The vehicle is photographed in one location only.


Approximately 25 mins per Stationary Vehicle

Approximately 45 mins per vehicle if moved multiple positions (Extra Fees)

Approximately 1.5 hours per vehicle if a vehicle needs to be driven to a different location. (Extra Fees)


1.8.   All photographers are on a per time limit schedule once the photographer has arrived. 

2.1   Owner of the vehicle photography schedule sent via email or by sms

2.2    On day of service, Xcite photographer will sms/ call the owner approximately 15-30 minutes prior to notify his ETA which will correspond with the time on the schedule.

2.3    Once arrived at the dealership, Our Xcite photographer will get the keys from the key manager, setup the car for shooting at designated location on the dealership grounds, once complete he will return the keys to the manager. (Should the dealership provide assistance in moving the cars, this will enable the photographer to be more efficent. )

2.4    End of the day, the Xcite photographer will Xcite(™)  Batch edit the photos, then upload to Google Drive™ or Dropbox™ after 7.30pm (but by the following day in case of slow internet servers)

Video must have allocated and sufficient space.  4 mins per vehicle

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We take professional photos of your dealership vehicles then upload them to your advertising portals! Simple.

Additional information

How many photos per car?


Do you upload the photos?


Do you Batch Edit?

Yes with Xcite™ Adobe

Is there a report?

Yes the Xcite™ Photographer writes the details for each car photographed.


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